By iaint


Well, I’m glad Monday is in the past.

Work was busy - the Manager has taken a week’s holiday and the Boss has no-one to hold his hand. I tried, but I know it’s not the same for him. 

We did have some fun with one constituent who emails regularly - I’d love to meet him as his apoplectic rants conjure up an image of purple faced, righteous indignation mixed with a nasty dose of rabies.  

The reply he got this morning was super polite but designed to push all his buttons - hard. Sure enough, in the afternoon we got a reply which was almost off the scale. We died laughing. 

Then we had a yellow skinned guy come in to complain about his healthcare - stinking of alcohol, tobacco and who knows what else. He has been given 2 years to live - cirrhosis. 44 years old. He can’t understand why they won’t treat him if he won’t stop drinking. 

Ah well, we’ll write a letter. The reply will explain they can’t treat him if he won’t stop drinking. 

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