Playing with Grandad

Mummy meet was cancelled today. William and I found out only after we'd got to the Coach at 1030. Not to worry, we walked down the road and sat and yarned with Sue for 45 minutes.

Drove back to Shepshed on what turned out to be a lovely sunny morning, albeit a bit fresh. Got the pushchair out, put William in it, rescued Basil from incarceration in the kitchen as Len had gone out, and we all walked down to Shepshed to visit the flower shop, where I bought some stems of iris and a bunch of daffs. I want to try some Japanese flower arranging tomorrow but have no clear ideas yet. Some trawling of Pinterest needed.

On returning home, it was time for a spot of lunch. William managed to play with his cars while also consuming sandwiches. Grandad came to the rescue and played with him.

Then the drive back to Leicester and the  return, yet again, to Shepshed. 

Quickly put together an outline of the club programme for next year to present to the camera club committee this evening. They seemed to like it. Everyone amused that I drink Glenmorangie straight, without ice. Can't spoil a good malt.

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