It's opened up. Gorgeous colours in the early morning sun. I took several photos. None of them really suit me. I hope  you'll accept this effort.

I woke too early and couldn't get back to sleep. It was very pleasant in the conservatory, so I put the camera down, settled into the armchair, turned on the massage control and covered myself with the blanket. Half an hour later I woke up, just like that. Came to gradually.

Super afternoon. I wanted some technical advice from the picture framing shop at Ferrers Gallery, Staunton Harold. We all, that is, Len, Basil and I drove over there. Len took Basil for a romp by the lake where two lanky cygnets were standing idly on the bank. I received some very helpful advice.

We adjourned to the Peach House restaurant in the garden centre which is housed in an old glasshouse. It was very warm as it faces south and catches the sun. The decor is bright, the service friendly. We enjoyed toasties and a slice of delicious gluten free coffee and walnut cake.

My talk on Hong Kong to the camera club tonight.

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