Iris in a Blue Bottle

The day started with a trip to the quack to discuss anxiety issues relating to Len's health. The doc reassured me by saying that in general, deterioration is gradual and linear. There's still a way to go, but I shall have to give up some of my activities as time goes on. Such is the life of the carer partner. Mind you, Len looks after me when I'm not well. Bless him. The doc gave me a card for the counselling service, should I need to talk things out in future. I have to try not to make problems seem bigger than they are.

Mild winds from the south pushed up the temperature. Almost possible to leave the conservatory door open for Basil to run in and out.

Podiatry appointment in Ashby in just over an hour. I need to lie back in the armchair first to overcome the fatigue.

And Choir this evening. I really MUST rehearse the piece we're going to look at tonight.

Choosing an iris for this shot, I realised that I should have put the stems in a taller vase when I got home the other day. It is no longer a perfect specimen. You can see the points of stress in the stem.

I bought the lovely blue bottle from AgeUK last Saturday.

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