By suehutton

Sunset on the Beach

Have spent the day in Nottingham with Michael Lau learning the fundamentals of flash photography, (I know, two days late). A combination of Tuesday's empiricism with Michael's patient instruction enabled me to take this photo using three studio lights: a key light, a fill in light to the left and a back light with an orange gel to simulate a sunset.

Could perhaps have done with a slightly smaller aperture so that the knob on the top of the handbag was also in focus. For another time.

It's not perfect but I set it up all myself. A sense of achievement.

Because of the damage to the Clifton flyover, I had to travel into Nottingham by tram, walking from the Forest Recreation Ground to the studio, which took me half an hour. Thus I discovered the Arboretum and that the High School tram stop is rather nearer to the studio than the Forest stop. All grist to the mill. 

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