Backlit Iris

Such wonderful sunlight today. Irises in the kitchen caught the sun so I grabbed the camera, but wasn't satisfied with the result. Decided that diffusing the light would probably produce a better result. This was the outcome, thanks to a sheet of tracing paper stuck on to the conservatory window used as a backdrop. Lens at 200mm, not a macro.

Wonderfully atmospheric mist overhung the M42 on the way to Birmingham where Len and I went today to sign off on the medical trial. Also see extras of a tree shadow on the car park awning, a multi exposure of the concrete in the building and of the tree in the car park that Len much liked.

We drove to Leicester to babysit William in the interval until Lauren arrived, then home, fetching Basil from Laura's on the way. Can't altogether understand why I feel so tired. It's not as if I was driving.

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