Hanging Out - Oil on Canvas - 18" by 24"

Last day of class. The morning began with snow; several inches had fallen during the night. I looked out and saw a hummer trying to get to his food. I took the extra before I walked out and knocked the snow off the feeder. the sugar water was frozen though so not too much help. Next time I'll try bringing in the food.

I checked with Trish to be sure class was still on. It was, so I drove into town. I dropped Shelly off at the bus station so he could take the bus home and headed on to the studio. All but one painter made it there. Most were staying at Trish and Tom's so he ferried them in. We all spent an hour clarifying some of the lessons we were learning. Then we continued to paint. My blip is my completed painting of a young leopard. I was thinking of calling the painting "Teen Queen" but decided that "Hanging Out" was a better title. So here she is, hanging out on a tree. When we saw her she was right about eye level as we sat in the safari vehicle looking at her. And she was very close. I wanted to convey her flashy beauty and focus on the patterns of her spots. The gold color in her body is gold gesso coming through from behind the paint. The copper inside the spots is copper paint. It's hard to show the metallic sheen in a photo. 

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