The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Party at Trish and Tom's

Great day today. Day three of class. I kept working on my leopard painting and almost finished it. Now I'm at the end and tomorrow I will complete the painting. It will hang in the March Art Walk show at Trish's studio in the Bay Street Village at the corner of Bay and Holly. We all painted until one of the artists who was working with oil paint on a wax covered board, had a bit of an accident and burned her hand. We all agreed she should have a doctor look at her hand. I chose to drive her to the clinic because I know Bellingham and was at a good stopping point on my painting. We stopped at two places because the first wouldn't take her insurance. Sheesh! The second on at Peacehealth would. The nurse took a quick look and recommended that the doctor take a look. They had a two hour waiting list so I left my friend and headed back to class. (Her suggestion.)

After class I went to Shelly's to change into non-paint clothes and pick him up. We got a call from my friend and picked her up on the way to Trish and Tom's for a party: yummy salmon, veggies, salad and bread followed by a scrumptious desert. After dinner Tom and his friend Tom sang and played for us. That was wonderful and both Shelly and I had a great time.

Forgot to mention that it was snowing most of this time and the driving was a bit hairy. I had to stop once and clean off the windshield wipers because they were just smearing water all over the window. But we got to the party safely. And we got home after safely too. Nice!

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