Shelly and Me

I had to use this photo even though it came out blurry because it was late in the day and dark and the shutter speed was too low. But with all that the expressions tell all. I've been a bit cagey about my friend Shelly because I wasn't really sure where we might be going. Now I know and I'm a very happy lady. He is a very special guy. I had no thought of dating or seeking a new fellow but he sat next to me on the symphony bus and we had a wonderful conversation. That lead to more meetings, more concerts, and finally to the realization that we are more than just friends.

Shelly came over to my house this morning and we had a lovely morning together before we picked up Helena and went to the mall so she and I could shop at Christopher and Banks. Shelly was a brave guy and sat in the store while we shopped. We both scored during their big one day sale.

After shopping we went to the Goji Asian Fusion restaurant and Shelly treated us to lunch. Then we drove up to Whatcom Falls Park to take a walk. I wanted to see the falls because they are really full after all the rain we've been having. You can see how spectacular the falls were in the extra. We continued walking until we all were getting too cold. The sun was out but it was very cold.

We drove Helena home and spent some more time together until it was time for him to catch the bus home. This was a wonderful, very special day for me.

PS. Helena and Shelly got along famously. That was a perfect addition to my happy day.

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