Sun Dog

The day got colder and more beautiful as it progressed. I was restless last night and tired from not sleeping long enough for the last couple of days. So I blew off my morning exercises. This being day 2 doesn't bode well for the plans. But actually I do want to continue with the Monday morning plans. Rarely do I have conflicts on Monday so that works well. Friday is another story. I do have many Fridays already that I am not free to go. This Friday I just slept in and that was good.

Marleny came with her daughter to clean the house for me. I had planned to do it myself but now I'm compromising. Marleny comes once every three or four weeks and I do the cleaning in between. That way I get a break and I can afford to have the house cleaned.

I went out shopping to get a rug for the bedroom and some pads for a new rug I got for the open area in the living room. I think I'm done with rugs now. They look quite fine on the tile and wood floors.

I also bought some food and made a salad lunch for myself when I got home. Then I took a short walk down to and around in Cordata Park. It's small but at least there are woods. And the light was beautiful this afternoon.

Had a lovely talk with Shelly and made some more plans for the weekend. Nice. 

Soon I'll have some dinner and have a quiet evening at home. I do enjoy those as long as they don't happen every night. Tonight is a good one to relax and be peaceful.

Have a great day and evening all!

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