The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Painting Class

I'm taking a four day painting class with my teacher Trish Harding. There are nine of us, four from Bellingham, and five from south of here, Olympia and Oregon. I know quite a few of the other gals because they all go to Creative Arts Community at Menucha, or "art camp" as I affectionately call it. We began yesterday and will continue through Monday. Trish is such a good teacher. She is taking us through a process for creating a painting from idea to completion. I already know much of what she's saying but the review and a chance to go step by step again is valuable. And I'm having a great time with the gals taking the class. 

I'm working on the beginning of a series of paintings about Africa. You can see my painting (not finished yet) in the extras.

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