By Miffy



A Katydid, also known as a New Zealand Bush Cricket

This unexpected visitor was found in our garage, sitting on the roof of my husband’s car.

Before escorting the Katydid outside to the garden I placed it on this dry seedhead and sat the vase on the kitchen elements to photograph it under the overhead lights and with a dark backdrop.

Take a peep at this link to see an earlier blip of a Katydid in my garden which shows the whole insect in daylight.

Thank you for the many visits, the comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s MM ‘pinch’ blip. 

Pigeon Valley Fire, Tasman/Nelson, NZ
- The state of emergency has been extended and will continue for a further week
- Fire has changed from open flames to an underground fire
- The number of helicopters in the air has been reduced to 9 today as they aren’t as effective fighting underground fires.
- Today there are 150 firefighters on the ground with excavators and bulldozers all working on managing hotspots. Heavy machinery and 80 firefighters continued the work on the night shift.
- Overnight, a drone team with four drones continue their work to identify dangerous hotspots and monitor the fire.

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