59 and a bit more

By 59


We arrived at Lake Lyell yesterday and as I mentioned I felt sick. I didn’t do much until lunch time today but kept my tucker down and am on the mend tonight ( thanks for your good wishes yesterday).

Doing nothing means just that, if I was at home I’d be doing something, so I may as well feel sick in such a pretty place. I saw 3 people all day ( from a distance) and about 5 cars went by. There were 42 little water birds and 4 ducks paddling along the shore all day. Tom enjoyed a run and paddle and was happy to sit with us. The weather was pretty good as it was predicted to be windy. Most of the wind went over the top of us as we are in a sheltered spot behind a hill.

In Australia today they forecast rain, floods, snow, heatwaves, gale force winds and bushfires. Depends where you live but we were lucky as it was very pleasant ‘shorts’ weather here.

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