Tiny but ....

“Oil rig has permit to dump 6.7k tonnes of chemicals in Poole Bay”.

This distant monster appeared with hardly any prior notice in our beautiful bay. (Image taken from behind the Zip Wire which is covered in this scaffolding).

Most residents are up in arms, and held a protest on the beach. Not to much avail, seems a foregone conclusion to allow it.

“The drilling, which is intended to assess oil levels at Colter and the feasibility of extraction, has to be completed by February 28”. Since extended into March.

Another somewhat more beautiful image of the offender in extras.


Just had a local powercut. No wifi or anything. Luckily back on after 30
mns. Clocks need resetting :(

Taking docs to garage for new car.

Neighbour just notified me there are 2 ‘homeless’ tents tucked away in the bushes at the entrance to the adjoining appartment block. What is the world coming to.

Thanks wr perry for today’s Tiny Tuesday with an ‘open theme’.

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