Tiny Tuesday: Mystery Key

I came across this little key (about 3cm long) today and started wondering if it had a story to tell.

As it's almost St Valentine's Day, I'd like it to be a love story. Maybe it's a key to one of those padlocks which lovers nowadays like to lock onto railings on bridges as a sign of their undying love - and then throw the key away so that it can't easily be removed. I see that it has a horseshoe symbol on it, signifying good luck. Oh,  and look: inside the horseshoe is the initial "S" - that's my Editor's initial, so I'm going to dedicate this blip to her. How romantic can I get?!  :-))

(I'll come clean now - the key was in a bag of old keys lying in a drawer in my desk. But I still don't know from whence it came - and it was fun making up the story.)

Many thanks to wrperry for hosting TT this month - and for thereby giving me this chance to be romantic!

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