MonoMonday: "Pinch"

This poor guy was clearly pinched by the lawmen a long, long time ago. He still looks hopeful of being released - at least 200 years on!

It was my brilliant Editor's idea for me to photograph this doorway on the main shopping street in Macclesfield, when I told her that today's MonoMonday theme, set by laurie54, is "pinch"

This caused me to look up the history of the British police force. It's interesting that it did not exist as such until Sir Robert Peel set it up in 1829 (the term "Bobbies" comes from his name). Prior to this, in the Middle Ages there were constables to help to keep the peace - men took this on for one-year terms but were unpaid. London introduced paid night-watchmen in 1663: by the 18th Century several provincial towns also had night-watchmen. In 1749 Henry Fileding founded the Bow Street Runners in London to catch criminals.

So this chap in Macclesfield prison was most likely pinched by night-watchmen.

We successfully took Mum-in-law to the audiology clinic this afternoon, and they've taken an impression of her left ear to make a custom-fitted hearing aid. Unfortunately her right ear still has too much wax in it for this (in spite of recent efforts to remove it [the wax, not the ear!!]) so that ear will have to have more olive oil put in and she'll have to have another wax removal job in a few weeks.

We had a very easy drive home this evening so we're now safely back.

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