Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Back here again

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for stars, hearts and kind words for yesterday's blip! All much appreciated. :D

The big news today is that it rained! Only about an hour or so, but it was the type of rain that really made a mess on the cars. The morning started off very breezy and cool. Nice then to have the rain settle things down.

We went over to Mercato to watch the movie "A Dog's Way Home". I'd love to know how they get dogs to act, but in this movie, there was a cougar too! G reckons that was all done by CGI!

At the recommendation of a lady I spoke with last week (about digital marketing), I sent in my application to join the Dubai Business Women's Council today. They are an offshoot of the Chamber of Commerce. Should be interesting!

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