Marsupium Photography

By magi

Bad Wimpfen

Trip to Bad Wimpfen. We haven't been there in ages. In fact last time we were there a very young #1 got lost on the streets (but was found after 5 minutes or so). I nearly didn't recognise the place in the winter. Hardly anyone out and about. It was nice to get the streets mostly to ourselves, except for all the cars parked everywhere. Max spent his money on a new locomotive for his train set (which undoubtedly will feature in due time). We had lunch in a lovely tiny pub. Bad Wimpfen is quite old, we were impressed by the old stone house from the 12th century (see extra). In the museum I was particularly impressed by a flag from the 30 year war. The museum also had a great collection of cameras on display.

More pictures on flickr.

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