The Pensioner

By Pensioner

To the island

Up and as stuffed with the all inclusive breakfast as a pair of stuffed things, we scooted off to the Star ferry (top 50 world experience according to themselves) and over to Hong Kong island. And there, just about to trudge around the town we espied the open top tour bus thing. Bingo! What an interesting place from a bus - big tall buildings and loads of people, and the smell of food everywhere. We eventually got off and strolled awhile through some markets and lunched in a proper local place. So that was fish soup and dumplings again, this time with their strange tea with coffee and condensed milk. It’s quite ok. So later, back to lounge awhile by the roof pool, grab a happy hour drink (with an amiable Sikh couple from Kent)* and off to have some non dumpling food - an Italian! £7.50 for a small Peroni - no wonder I needed a seat in a fabulous local bar at the Hung Hom ferry pier - a dark room overlooking the water with red velvet and fans, piled full of boxes, kegs and gas cylinders. What do you mean, you’ve never seen blade runner, quoth I.

* to avoid ambiguity, for Scoats speakers, they werenae kent to me, and they werenae seek neither.

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