Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Mystic Fire Topaz

I love this butterfly.  I think the stones are so beautiful.  I saw it when I was out shopping one day and looked at it for a long time but didn't buy it.  Then I thought that I really should have it because I already had a ring and earrings that would match.  So I went back and bought it for myself.  I don't do that very often because hubby and daughter both like to buy me jewelry but how would they know I wanted it?  That was my reasoning anyway. :-)  Many thanks to wrperry for hosting Tiny Tuesdays this month!

I am grateful that I had the last of my check ups today, this time with the ophthalmologist.  I have some age related changes in my eyes but nothing to worry about but I do still need to get my vision checked for new glasses.  I didn't do very well on the screening he did and that was with my glasses on!  I am also grateful that I didn't get my usual headache after having my eyes dilated.  They're almost back to normal now. :-)

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