By hpx

New growth

I'm pretty sure an unfurling fern frond is what the koru symbol is based on. I think it means new growth. Either way it is new growth on one of my pungas.

After starting my day thinking it was Thursday, it could have slumped with the disappointment that it's Wednesday. As I'd hoped yesterday's video quickly resolved and I caught up with my workload again.

The landscaper is back on Friday to finish up a few things. I've put time in towards his visit tonight. I notice the the weeds are growing too. I have a hoe and non-toxic weed killer I need to get on with, or I'll have triffids.

I also filled in an online form, the start of finalising a wee trip in a while :-)

Today's gratitude: For patience. My leg probably has another 2 weeks at least before it's fully healed. I'm 2 weeks ahead of where I was at 2 weks ago.

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