By hpx

Tangled legs

Jasper-jam has some pretty odd angles going on here. His limbs look well and truly tangled.

Cloud came in this evening and I didn't think there would be any sunset. It surprised my friend and I late in the piece. I madly ran to a better vantage point and jumped a fence on the way.

I needed to be earlier and in a different place. So much for my burst of activity. It certainly shocked my leg. It wasn't my smartest move of the week.

I had one of those days where I thought a video a few video edits wouldn't take long. The edit I expected to suck up time took a couple of minutes top. "Great" I thought.

Ah, but there were unintended consequences that led to even more curly challenges to solve. I was still working on the same video when I finished work. Frustrating.

Sometimes it all cones together the next morning. I hope so.

Today's gratitude: For a gentle warm evening to walk. A week ago I wasn't able to do head out for a walk as I can now.

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