By AmandaT2013

Busy bees

A very sad start to the day as three contract personnel had been told last night their agency hadn't been paid and they should come in this morning and collect their personal belongs.  One chap who was injured at the same time as me last year and also lost his wife came over to say goodbye so we had a cup of coffee and a chat.  This is the very sad part of the situation.  Losing the money is one thing but the impact on people is huge.  He is in his late 70s but you wouldn't think it.  He doesn't need to work financially but he needs the work to keep him busy.  It is very sad.  As the office kept saying this morning, the end of an era.  Many of us are already taking personal things home and desks being tidied in preparation for the inevitable.  The administrator is back on site today.

It was another gorgeous sunrise (see extra) and a very mild lunchtime.  There were numerous bees on the gorse flowers filling their pollen sacks.

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