By dfb24

Snow Dog....

....and it's people!  I obviously didn't think my plans through well enough when I asked Tom if he'd like to go driving around with me to get a blip this morning. Beautiful chilly day--& the sun's out--so I'm thinking ice and water pictures downtown along the Lakefront. We drove down to one of my favorite spots by the Milwaukee Yacht Club......none of the paths were shoveled out, and the parking lot, barely! So instead I drove down Lake Drive to go to the big observation platform there......none of the sidewalks were cleared. In the city's defense, they WERE cleared by last evening, but we're having some high winds and they've all drifted shut again, as was the path out to the observation platform. Now, I don't mind wading through snow, but not 4 feet of it, so we kept going. I could see some really large, beautiful ice formations out on the point, but there was no way I could get to them through all those drifts. Next we drove to the Lighthouse so I could look for ice in the river; again, everything covered by snow. That's when I realized that I should have realized after almost 10 inches of snow, of course everything would be covered.....well DUH!  We decided to take a leisurely drive home via the third ward, where I spotted the snow dog and his family in the little park. The snow yesterday was wet and heavy--awful for shoveling or snowblowing, but perfect for making snowmen or snow forts. (my brothers and I excelled at both when we were (much) younger! At least, in our MINDS we excelled! Haha!)   Obviously someone else thought yesterday was perfect for building them too!   :))))

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