By dfb24

Happy Valentine's Day

In honor of the occasion, I'm trying a new recipe for pork chops in the crock pot. It's a bit more prep work than I'm used to, but the reviews of the recipe were all great. Cooking has never been something I enjoy doing--I've always said if I ever won the lottery I'd hire a cook so I'd never have to do it again--so Tom is aware of the great honor I'm bestowing upon him by putting a little more effort into dinner this evening. Haha!  
I ran to the store this morning and bought some flowers for my girls to go with their cards, then spent an hour or so outside, playing with my photo ball. Gorgeous day with the sun popping out here and there, and temps in the high 40's (F). Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day, and don't forget to tell those special people in your lives how much you love them!   :)))

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