By dfb24

A rose, by any other name....

...wouldn't really be a rose anymore, would it!!!   :)))
 This is one of the roses from the bouquet of flowers I bought yesterday for the girls. I put the three orange ones into a small vase for Mae, who was beyond thrilled at having her very own! She's moved them all over the house, each time announcing she can move them where ever she wants because "These are Mae's"!  The white, red and yellow ones I left in a larger vase for Jennie, & borrowed one today for my picture. I propped it on a chunk of icy snow outside--the background is the snow--and other than adding the border, it's right out of the camera. (I KNEW there was a good reason it snows!)    :))) 
Thanks to Anni/BikerBear for her FlowerFriday challenge. 

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