By Green56

A great morning walk

Matt asked if I would like to take Sahara a walk on a Wednesday morning, I jumped at it. I left home early but the traffic was awful and arrived quite a bit later and so Sahara was asleep in her pram. I set off down the loop but went the wrong way, then I had to turn around as some workmen were using a chainsaw and I didn't want her woken up. I walked to the guided bus then along another loop and back through the park. She had woken up and was fine with me. We went in the park and I put her in the swing for a short time. What a lovely time I had. I had to rush to school this afternoon for reading today but have now changed my day so I don't have to rush.
Sahara is 1 on Sunday where has time gone!
I'm still enjoying Skeena's mono month and really like the mono results.

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