By spannarama

Pretty by night, SO NOISY by day

This building is right near my work and generates so much noise all day long.  It was actually an existing building, which has been stripped back right to its core, and is now being extended and built on.  We've been promised secondary glazing in our offices for months - hoping we may actually get it soon!

Feeling a bit better today - tired, but less bleurgh.  Maybe my bike ride yesterday did the trick.  Had a good day at work.  The trains were up the spout again, so I was late in, and had to walk from London Bridge, and I had to leave a little earlier tonight to catch an alternative train (as mine's cancelled until further notice).

Our new router turned up this evening, for our new PlusNet faster broadband, so Tim spent much of the evening setting it up and getting all our devices to connect to it.  He's a very useful techy type!

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