By spannarama

Tooley Street sunshine

Found a lovely card waiting for me in the kitchen after Tim had gone to work this morning :)  Scrambled to make him one during my day at work ;)  We don't normally do cards - but he spotted a perfect one for me and said he had to get it.

Trains still up the spout today - eventually got on one to London Bridge, then found the next train from there to Cannon Street was a whole hour away.  Cue a walk to work from London Bridge.  I was still feeling pretty knackered, but it was such a lovely sunny morning I didn't mind too much - and it afforded me with several photo opportunities, too.

Bit delayed on the way home, too - but then cooked a tasty Valentine's dinner for Tim and me - sesame coated salmon with a creamy wasabi sauce.  Yum.  Had a lovely evening together - laptop-free, so backblipping this now!

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