Cimko selfie

Another rather draining day.  Mum was still feeling really poorly this morning, so I called the doctor and a (lovely!) nurse practitioner came out and assessed her.  There was mention of possible admission to hospital, but thankfully she did say that she was fine to stay at home as long as she had someone staying with her.  We were both really reassured.  I'd really just wanted someone to give their professional opinion and let me know I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Mum was prescribed some different antibiotics, so I went to collect them, and to get a few more bits and pieces from Tesco.  My sister called just as I got there, so updated her first and then called my brother to update him, too.  When I finally got to the pharmacy after all that, I discovered Mum's prescription hadn't been sent there as I thought it would - so I went over to her nominated one near the surgery instead, and picked it up there.

I'd done so little work all day, I ended up working until gone 7pm, then got some dinner for Mum and me - and then did very little else all evening.!

By the time I went up to bed, I still hadn't taken a photo all day, so I thought I'd make my new (old) lens the star of the show, in a little selfie shot.

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