a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Great Western Infrastructure

Wide Wednesday:  Infrastructure

I'm not sure what Brunel would make of what has become of his Great Wester Railway, a project that was very dear to his heart once upon a time.  It was a massive undertaking back in Victorian times.  This is part of what it looks like today, in the distance, around the curve and behind the trees is Bristol Temple Meads.  The train has left Bristol and is now on its way to London Paddington.   

The sky was in reality rather more grey than this picture would lead you to believe, but I thought a little orange filter and some added warmth would add to the sense of drama and help lift what was otherwise a relatively mundane cityscape.

I think I'm probably at peak cold now, in terms of sneezy snuffliness.  Hopefully tomorrow things will start to move towards gradual improvement - I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed that it does as I've got a very sore nose from constantly having to blow it.  Too much information I suspect.  I'm not actually feeling terribly sorry for myself, after all it is only a cold.  But I am trying hard to stay away from people to avoid passing it on.  

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