The Anaconda Cut

I am standing on Broughton Bridge. I am looking east. At the end the river curves right towards the City Centre.

The Irwell travels through some very loopy meanders as it passes through Salford. This stretch was straightened out in the 1970’s, removing a meander which travelled through the Cambridge area on the left. On the right the flood defences are high. On the left they are not. When the Irwell bursts its banks a bit further north the flood waters travel through Lower Broughton, and Cambridge is where they end up. If the defences were too high in Salford, the City Centre would flood. The water has to go somewhere.

Behind me the River is also straight (extra), curving left towards the Crescent and then looping back up through the University area and Peel Park. It seems to be a popular goose hangout.

This straight bit of River is the Anaconda Cut, named after the Anaconda copper wire works which used to be a feature of the area. Good name for a band I reckon. Although Renaker have got there first, naming that almost complete 44 storey residential tower on the right in this image (the tallest building in Salford) ...... Anaconda Cut.

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