By Kipsie

Whoosh, whoosh, dingaling, clippity clop...

The Granite & Gears A38 Equestrian/Cycle Bridge spans the A38 enabling bicyclists, walkers & equestrians to cover more of the surrounding countryside by joining up with other sections of foot/bridle path. I love the bridge design, the way it winds up, & curves around before crossing the very busy dual carriageway. I've crossed it on a bicycle but not sure I would want to cross it on horseback.
Thanks to steveng for hosting.

Bob was up for a walk with Lola & I this morning in the glorious sunshine, so being warm I left my jacket off. Of course that meant I forgot the retrieval treats aka niblets of fresh carrot so Bob had to stay on his flexilead.

Walk over, I jumped in the car to go in search of a Wide Wednesday pic, I had a few places in mind, took rather too many pics, thank goodness for digital, eventually settling for this one. Would have been great to snap a cyclist/equestrian but can't have everything.
The dogs got another walk this afternoon. I think they call it dangling the carrot. Hubby has had a stroke plus T.I.A's and has lost interest in everything, not exercising, just giving up. He was very animated when he came to see me where I'm dog/house sitting. Lola,an alsatian, is J's favourite breed, so I thought why not suggest he comes for a walk with myself & the dogs. Interesting what he CAN actually manage to do, when his mind is occupied.  I've suggested we walk tomorrow afternoon which met with a favourable response. :)
Dinner was a bit of an experiment. I found a bag of prawns in the freezer so thawed some, rustled up a sweet pepper, broccoli, cream & fresh basil sauce adding a mystery ingredient, Sauce Algerienne. Whoa, that had a little bit of a kick, just about as much as I can eat comfortably. As the ingredients and label are in French I'm thinking that P & J, whose pets I'm sitting buy it in France, they have a house in Brittany. I  think I might have to request a bottle from their next trip. I had mine with pasta, hubby, with rice. In the meantime I've just found a recipe

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