....engulfed the estuary this morning creating an eerie mood as the sea crashed into shore and the estuary emptied out.

A large group of terns appeared out of the fog at the river mouth while a couple of spoonbills and pied stilts were behind a curtain of mist. The sun did it's best to shine through but to no avail while blipper mpp26 and I were wandering along the beach.

We were hoping for a sunrise but there was no way that was happening this morning, instead you have the more eerie feel of a summer foggy morning. There's a couple of extra's if your interested.

This afternoon our small town reached a record high of 33C, yes the sun's rays were beaming down, I could feel them burning my fair skin as I got the washing in which dried within an hour.

Thanks M for another wonderful morning at the estuary :)

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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