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By 2ndSatStrollers

the perfect moon

Here's a favourite Liz Lochhead poem, as taken from the pictured 2011 selection, which I thought most appropriate for today:

A Night In

Darling, tonight I want to celebrate
not your birthday, no, nor mine.
It's not the anniversary of when we met,
first went to bed or got married, and the wine
is supermarket plonk. I'm just about to grate
rat-trap cheddar on the veggie bake that'll do us fine.

But it's far from the feast that – knowing you'll be soon,
and suddenly so glad to just be me and here,
now, in our bright kitchen – I wish I'd stopped and gone
and shopped for, planned and savoured earlier.
Come home! It's been a long day. Now the perfect moon
through our high windows rises round and clear.


Liz Lochhead (1947 - )


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