By davidc

Abstract Thursday: Water

Ingeborg has set the theme of "Water" for today's Abstract Thursday.

I hope this is abstract enough, but I couldn't resist doing something like this on Valentine's Day. (Another blip dedicated to my Editor - yes I'm being romantic again, and what's wrong with that?!)

I had the idea for my blip during my weekly swim at the leisure centre - so the idea began in the water. The rippled grey background is the surface of the water on Killingworth Lake, just next to the leisure centre. The interlocking heart shapes were made in Photoshop, starting off as a photo of the stream of water coming out of a tap. Blip sorted - and a bit more practice with Photoshop, before I head off on Sunday for a week of Photoshop tuition at an LPH workshop with John Gravett (lucky me).

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