Horse Adventures

Exactly 3 weeks till Day 1 of Crufts!!!

We went on a morning walk and then I had a busy day at work with lots of meetings. 

After work, we went for another walk and then I had booked the bigger training hall for an hour to practise Hero's Crufts routine in a hall with the same surface as the Crufts ring.  

The dog's speed vary depending on the surface, so we need to train the routine on the same kind of surface to get the timing correct for Crufts. Our usual training hall has carpet on the floor, which is more slippery than the astro turf that the Main Arena at Crufts will have on the floor. Slippery means that the dog will slow down a bit. Astro turf means fast forward ;-)

I had great training with Hero and I also managed 15 mins with Gollum. 

Oh and I saw a horse grassing happily by the side of the road as I drove to the hall. It didn't look as if it was tied to anything, so I decided to stop and check. It wasn't tied! It was running freely on its own along a rather busy road. I managed to catch it and then I stood there in the middle of nowhere with a horse, that I didn't know where to put. 

There were some houses about 100 meters further up the road, so I went there and I saw someone in a window and managed to get her attention and call her outside.

She didn't know the horse, but called her husband, who did know it. It belonged to someone, who was away on holiday and the horse was being looked after by a friend, whom no one knew... But the husband knew in which field the horse was usually grassing, so he took me there (he was afraid of horses, so he didn't want to take it himself). 

We put the horse back in the field and I left. The horse was still where it was supposed to be, when I passed the field on the way home, so hopefully it is not attempting further adventures.  

So another dog walk, when we arrived back at Sorø and now we are home. The boys and I have been fed. Time for a shower soon, I think. 

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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