A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy - and Heavy

Tigger looking happy in his new home in the Hundredth Acre Wood (until he wants to climb down, of course).

This one was carved by Steve back at base as we'd run out of suitable wood here.  The site is a previously rather dark and abandoned corner we'd previously called 'the extra bit'.  We don't think anyone had been down here for at least a decade before we cut our way in 4 years ago. Originally, it was going to be Pooh, then Piglet, then a Clanger, (hey, I like Clangers)... but one issue was avoiding them getting lost in the undergrowth.  Hence, something up a tree; hence Tigger.

When we first saw what Steve had done we were a bit concerned it was a lot larger than we'd envisaged; but he looks just perfect in situ.

Quite an engineering task getting him up there though, and very firmly attaching him to the tree.

Steve's been here all day working on some company for Tigger - though not what you might expect.

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