By pensionspoet

Elm Hill Collectibles

Lots of love in our house today (and of course every day) with cards, flowers and chocolates for and from both of us. Usually we just buy each other a card, but last year I forgot. So I decided I'd make up for it this year with traditional gifts, but didn't expect him to do the same. I'm finding after 29 years and 10 months of marriage, I quite like this new romantic Valentine's day...So I'm going to suggest to Jon we always do it from now on.

Work, then out for a wander at lunchtime around the nice bit of Norwich very close to the office. Elm Hill still my favourite Norwich street.

Left at 5, home at 6. I'm now catching up on some tv while Jon is out. Started watching the Sewing Bee but had to stop as Back in Time for School is on, and it's the 80s. That's my era. I'm looking forward to the bit with the BBC computer...we had one and I loved it.

Then Death in Paradise...Then one day left of work and a whole week off. And if anyone is wondering, no I'm not going anywhere, but very pleased to be spending it on the North Norfolk coast!!

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