By pensionspoet

This lady loves milk tray..

as do most ladies I know! I’m just opening my box of valentines chocolates, and sitting down to watch Granchester. Not quite the same now they’ve sent Sidney of the America after a girl, but the new priest seems nice. I’m still watching!

Been super busy making sure all my work was up to date. It was. I left at 4.45 and now won’t think about or mention work for a whole 8 days.

Got home at 5.30 and Jon had cooked dinner. At 6.30 Henry and I went to Lidl. Jon has gone to teach the Scouts archery tonight. Now it’s just me and the telly, cos the boys don’t watch what I want to watch.

If you are going away this half term, have a lovely break. And if you are lucky enough to live somewhere like I do, and don’t need to go away in order to have a lovely holiday - enjoy it too! Happy weekend everyone!

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