By pensionspoet

Curtains up!

Today was the day. The long awaited 'show'. Very long awaited for me. I'd guess about 43 years. I remember watching Manda on a Saturday morning doing ballet and then tap, and longed to do it myself. I was just too shy, too scared. I didn't ask if I could have lessons, as I know the answer would have been yes of course. Whenever mum asked me, I always said I didn't want to. The truth was that the inside me would have loved to, but the outside me was just too self conscious. Well today the inside me has come out and taken part, on a stage under the bright lights, in a tightly fitting lycra outfit, tap dancing in front of an audience. It didn't even matter that no one was in the audience specifically to watch me, it was just nice to be part of something. Entertaining, not being scared or judged. I'm proud of me today, and of course all of the many girls and ladies, and gentlemen taking part in the Sutton School of Dancing's show today. So at 53 it isn't too late to do something new, and I'm looking forward to taking up ballet after half term!

Tomorrow I'll show you a picture of the new toilet door which Jon has spent the day fitting. He's so clever....

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