After a morning running about to get the brakes on Jon’s car fixed, we enjoyed the sunny day, but mainly from the conservatory. We put up the bird box with the camera in it, on the tree in mum and dads garden. They have been lucky in the last 3 years as blue tits have nested, but in an ordinary box. So I took the old box down, and put up the new one. I hope they like it. It is all set up and linked to a tv in their conservatory and we will be able to see any activity without disturbing the birds. I really hope this years blue tits like it!

We packed an overnight bag and left at 3 for Hoddesdon. The sun was low and bright, and the road busy. We got here (home) at 5.45 where we will stay tonight. Luckily mum and dad have room to put us up. For anyone who knew my parents lounge in the 1980’s this photo is for you! When I walked in tonight, mum asked if we noticed anything different. Henry spotted the change - the curtains! They are old ones out of the loft, which match the current lounge suite and carpet, better than the old grey ones. I hadn’t noticed, because I suppose I remembered them from when I was living here! I like them a lot. What is there not to like about 70s/80s furnishings!

It is an odd feeling as we enter Hoddesdon from the A10. Other people who have moved away from their childhood home, may have similar feelings. I always feel a comfortable familiarity and it triggers floods of happy childhood memories as we drive through the estates where we played as kids, to the place I’ll always call home. It is a different place from the Hoddesdon from my past. I’m glad we don’t live here any more. But I still enjoy visiting and it is never quite long enough.

I expect we have an evening of tv or reading ahead. Either way, it will be relaxed and at a home, where I spent a happy childhood.

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