By Nanzy19

Snow on willow

Snow: "atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals."  Thought this abstract of snow on the willow tree with a little glimpse of our house in the bottom left would do for the Abstract Thursday theme of Water.  Thanks to Ingeborg for keeping AT going.
The snow has settled a wee bit. We decided to tackle part of the driveway, so there are some more snowy scenes in the extras. We thought there was no way we'd get the driveway shovelled, but we just might.  Slow and steady, and we'll get more shovelled tomorrow - but now it's snowing pretty heavily again and we have a snow warning. 
1st: Yesterday we shovelled this part in from the road where the snow was packed and heavy. Didn't get as far as the curve so we still have a fair distance here to go. It's under trees so the snow isn't quite as deep here. Looks like someone drove in a bit to turn around.
2nd: Just around the corner from the trees on the right in the 1st. You can see where we've been walking in and how far we still have to shovel to get to where the shovel is stuck in the snow where I finished shovelling today.
3rd: Looking back towards the well house from where the shovel's stuck in on #2.

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