Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Stonybrook Pool

Gorgeous morning, just had to get up on to Cannock Chase to see what the conditions were like.  Lots of mist and the sun breaking through the trees to provide rays of sunlight.  I hadn't intended to be long; pilates was booked for 10:45 but then I got a text from a fellow director to say the site was down.  I wasn't much help, I only had a 3G signal in the valley and we soon realised it was outside our control.  Thankfully it wasn't down for long.

I just about managed to make pilates.  I have to admit I do seem to be a bit more flexible (That's no surprise given where I started from!).  I also noticed playing badminton last night that I didn't suffer the same shoulder and elbow pain in my racket hand so I'm beginning to think it is doing me some good.  It's worth the pain and effort (It's no soft touch this type of exercise).  

Have a lovely weekend, fellow blippers.

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