A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

21,877 days old :: MMC19

MMC19 #15

FF15_2019  (Anni it's my extra)

I start by saying big thank you to everyone who left such kind comments yesterday. It is much appreciated. It was strange being at Lullingstone Castle today without Steve being there. Everyone there are still stunned.

My main Blip is of the sun trying to break through the heavy misty. The church and main house can be seen. I have added a few more images from what turned out to be a lovely day onto my Flickr account.

My extra is for Flower Friday. A worker bee on a Madagascar Butterfly Bush in 'The Cloud Garden', one of the poly tunnels at The World Garden.

So today I am 21,877 days old. Not normally a significant date to remember except it is the same number of days my late brother managed before losing his short battle with cancer. It is surreal catching up with a sibling. I mustn't waste my extra days.

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