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Nook & Cranny Come Home :: MMC19 :: SilS124

MMC19 #16

SillySaturday124  sils124

The last we saw of Nook & Cranny they went to the World Cup in Russia. It appears they fell for a 'Honey Trap' and got into all sorts of trouble. Needless to say they had nothing of interest to reveal and were sent back.

Since getting home they have been quiet but a little strange. Today I found them role playing something that may have gone on whilst they were away. I bought this gadget to help with tabletop photography (I used it to make the pen fly the other day). I may have to hide it from them...

My offering for Silly Saturday.

Again I wish to thank everyone who passed by my journal yesterday. It wasn't my birthday, just a poignant number of days I had reached beyond which my big brother didn't add to. Thank you all again. 

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