Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Blipping this a day late and thinking how far from Valentine's Day this picture is!

Today, after literally years of driving past it and eyeing it, we finally ate at this restaurant. It is on a junction on Beach Road and is called Reem Al Bawadi. We were actually on our way to eat somewhere else but happened to be stopped at the lights, and just turned off.

It is a huge place, both inside and out and I was surprised that even as late as 9:30 pm, we were actually early. There were still people coming at 11. Happy to say the food didn't disappoint. The "staples" were outstanding. I left feeling like I'd eaten too much though, so went straight to bed.

Prior to that, G had a day off today because her students were busy with something in the morning. She had an extremely trying phone call with the bank - she was trying to cancel her credit card because the annual fee has been raised again, and they made her a very good offer to keep her custom!

We had a good look around the local hypermarket after that and later, had the usual trek to Awana. They weren't such little angels today. C'est la vie!

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