Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Day 15 Hard labour

Thank you for the encouraging comments yesterday, very much appreciated.
I spotted these labourers on the building opposite my new accommodation. They are working on the first floor of the house, carrying what I presume is concrete/cement and grit up an outside flight of stairs in bowls on their heads. If you look closely at the scaffolding you'll see it is made out of bamboo. This picture was taken at about 1.30 in the afternoon and it was bright sunshine and about 35' at the time. Hard work even in UK temperatures, oh, and the labourers are women. We don't know how lucky we are.
I moved onto my new accommodation this morning safely, all is well and I'm going to be very comfortable. When I arrived there were five beds in the room, but two have now been taken out so I've plenty of space and somewhere to put all my things.
I spent them morning selling in and being lazy then this afternoon walked a mile each way to Arayaas bakery where I relaxed with a cup of tea and a veg puff for lunch, enjoying the AC before walking back again. I walked back down almpst as far at about 6pm and did four circuits of the VOC ground before being picked up by Raja to go for dinner. I went to the Buhari hotel at Vannerpettai and had butter chicken with veg pilau. The rice was delicious, lots of crunchy veg in it.
The extra today of the Walkathon amused me, it's over the entrance to the VOC ground. I didn't see any more people walking than I usually did and I was in the area at three different times over the day.
13,290 steps, so on target still with 3/3.

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