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By Sallymair

Day 16 Setting up

I was on my way back from having dinner today, walking through an area which has several temples of various sizes when I spotted some activity. When I arrived the spotlight wasn't on and they were in the process of setting up the umbrella. I checked out that it was ok to take a picture, and hung around for a while but nothing much seemed to be happening. The three statues of the gods are set up on a large wheeled cart and have been decorated with flower garlands, a number of men were clearly going to be wheeling the cart around the neighbouring streets accompanied by men playing musical horns and drums. The two priests at the front were arranging offerings. You can see the entrance to the temple to the left of the image, with illuminated writing.
The men are all wearing lunghis, a circular tube of material which can be worn full length like a skirt or doubled up to half that length which is more practical. They are the informal easy way of dressing for men here. On formal occasions men will wear a dhoti which is white, often with gold and coloured braid around it and I think always worn long.
I had a lazy day today got some washing done and generally relaxed 16,300 steps so 4/4 just one day more to do this week and all on target. I guess 16,300 steps isn't that lazy as it's around 6 miles of walking, 4.9 miles of that was actual out for a walk walking too.

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