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By Sallymair

Day 17 Sweets for my sweet......

I think I've seen many strange things in India but this one is pretty unusual I think. I saw this man last week and was too slow to get my phone out to get a picture but he was parked up by the side of the road today and let me take a photo of his produce.
He is riding a motor bike with an open bowl on the back piled high with wild honeycomb... complete with bees. He has a sieve attached and presumably sieves the bees out as he strains the honey into your jar. The idea of riding along the road with bees all over the back of your bike doesn't bear thinking about, but last week he had his small son on the bike too!
School today started with an assembly at which they honoured the 43 soldiers killed by a suicide bomber in Kashmir. The children were issued with black flashes to wear on their shirts. There have been reprisals against Muslims, all across India but hopefully all is quiet again now.
A new child was brought into school today, a four month old little girl with Downs Syndrome. Her responses seemed pretty good, so hopefully she will develop well along her own pathway. Her name, sister mine, is Joy Catherine. Her parents were lovely and are going to bring her in regularly to see the physiotherapist.
Did enough walking today to give myself 2 days off as I've reached my 5/7 target even if I don't get out of bed for the next two days, 13,700 steps today. My evening walk to the sports ground took me well over my target.
I had a bit of an incident at the tea shop this afternoon though. I took my flask for my 50 rupees worth of tea on my first two mile walk calling in at the tea shop on my way back, only to realise that when I took the flask out of its carry bag that I didn't have the lid or cup. Not to be beaten though, we got a small polythene bag and secured it over the top of the flask with an elastic band. The flask then went back into its bag and I carried it home without incident.
Very pleased with myself, I took the band off the top to pour myself a cup and promptly dropped the whole flask. What a mess - tea everywhere and I only got a cup and a half for my trouble. Grrrrr.

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